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WMAL – the Waste Management Association of Latvia is a professional, voluntary, non-governmental organization, an independent and non–profit making association working in public interests and promoting professional waste management.

The main objective – to facilitate improvement of the environmental condition and comprehensive quality waste management.

WMAL was founded in August 1994.

WMAL has a total of 58 members – 29 legal persons and 29 individuals.

WMAL is open to individuals, professionals, companies and institutional representatives. Among WMAL members are: municipalities, scientific and research institutions, engineering organizations, higher educational institutions, enterprises and companies involved in waste management: in the research field, elaboration of relevant projects, providing expertise, waste processing, utilization and recycling, and training of professionals for household, industrial and other unused raw material, including hazardous waste management.

The association realizes various activities through the WMAL working group and its members:

  • to exchange experience, analyse and disseminate information on latest developments and technologies in the waste management field;
  • to advise and elaborate various projects on specific issues related to waste management;
  • to organize exhibitions, conferences, seminars and trainings;
  • to publish books and educational materials;
  • to cooperate with other environmental non-governmental organizations and environmental protection institutions;
  • to provide expertise and coordinate elaboration of different projects;
  • to participate in the elaboration of national legislation.

WMAL represents the waste management sector at the national and international level:

  • International Solid Waste Association ISWA; since 2001 an incoming national member of ISWA, since 2004 a national member of ISWA (www.iswa.org)
  • European Compost Network (ECN) member (www.compostnetwork.info)